gotrgf_show_zero_total [JS]

Description This hook can be used to display the total even though it is 0. Parameters show_total | Bool form_id | Int type | string – either side or field id Return Boolean. Return true to show the total Usage Copy the below code to a HTML field inside your form Since version 1.1.9

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gotrls_display_option_price [JS]

Description This filter can be used to display prices for option fields that are set to select type. By default the prices are removed but by using this snippet you can display them in the summary next to the label. Parameters includeOptionPrice | Bool FormId | Int FieldId | Int Return Bool Usage Since version

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Description Use this filter hide or show column in the grouped product table Parameters $grouped_columns | Array of possible columns. Options are: label , qty , unit_price , line_total $form | Array $field_id | string holds the field id of the summary field OR ‘side’ for the side summary Return Array $grouped_columns Usage Since version

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