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Gravity Forms
Live Summary

Add a submission preview to your forms.

This powerful plugin dynamically generates one or more live summary as users complete the form, instantly displaying their inputted values in a responsive grid next to or inside the form.

This provides real-time confirmation and review for the user, enhancing accuracy for your form submissions, and facilitating a seamless user experience.

Live summary

Boost user experience, conversion and accuracy of your gravity forms!

display a submission

in a sidebar next to the form

Configure a dynamic live summary next to your form with our user friendly drag and drop builder and comprehensive list of settings.

Select fields to show

Make sticky on scroll

Change the side (Left/Right)

Change the width

Anywhere in the form as a field

This plugin adds a new field type called “Live Summary” to Gravity Forms which you can use to configure different summaries in your forms.

Select fields to show in each summary

Supports conditional logic

Perfect for multi-page forms. Display preview of each step.

in Confirmation and notifications

Display side or field summaries inside confirmation and notification emails by using the new {live_summary} mergetag.

Display as table

Display as list

Easily change colors

Perfect for order forms

Create a better shopping experience by displaying a clear shopping cart to your users.
This will increase conversions of your form while lowering complaints and returns!

Display products and options together automatically

Calculate subtotal before shipping, coupons, tax, discount

Calculate total for each summary in the form

Works with all pricing fields

Support all currencies in Gravity Forms

Display all products in one table below other fields

Customize everything easy!

Customize the looks of the Gravity live summary completely with the wide range of customization settings
delivered straight into the Gravity Forms Interface.

Re-order your fields

Use the drag and drop builder to easily select and change the order of the fields in the summary.

Change default labels

Change labels used throughout the summary. That includes the title, total, subtotal and nothing selected text.

Colors, spacing and more

Each part of the summary can be meticulously tailored to your needs with granular control over the layout elements.

Developer friendly

Developers can find many ways to extend the functionality of this plugin with any of the 20+ hooks and CSS classes.

Packed with features

The plugin has a lot of options and even more is possible with custom code. Are you looking for something that is not listed then please don’t hesitate to reach out here. You will receive an answer usually within 24hours.

Use section fields in the summary

Use section fields of your form in the live summary to organize the summary and provide a better overview.

Add Prefix and/or Suffix to value displayed

Each field has a setting to add a prefix and suffix to the value in the summary. Example when displaying a subscription price, you could add “/month” behind the price.

Integrated with FontAwesome Icons

Enhance the looks of the live summary with FontAwesome icons. Simply add the ‘fa-‘ class to your field and watch the icon appear before the field label.

Deeply integrated with the Gravity forms Ecosystem

This add-on is built on the official Gravity forms Addon Framework.

All Standards Fields

All Advanced Fields*

All Pricing Fields

GP Populate Anything

GP Ecommerce Fields

GS Product Configurator

Jetsloth Image Choices



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