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Have you been looking for a way to show an order summary next to your form? I was too!
After many years of hacking gravity forms to display a summary next to my order forms I decided to develop an add-on that does this with only a few clicks! 

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Demo Order Form

Order Summary

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All features
Currently Included

This plugin is still actively being developed and new features are added every month. Anything that is not yet possible with the settings can be accomplished with custom code snippets included with the unlimited license. Please reach out to me if you have an idea for a new feature.

Turn on summary per individual form

Choose which one of your forms displays the summary. This can be done in the general settings of the add-on.

Show form total inside the summary

Display the form total at the bottom of the summary.

Select which fields to show in the summary

You are in full control of which fields that should be displayed in the summary.

Make the summary
sticky on scroll

Have a long form? This setting will help you a lot by making the summary sticky when the user is scrolling down the page.

Change side of

Want to show the summary on the left side of the form instead of the right side? Now it is possible!

Complete brand styler Included

The styler allows to easily change things as colors, summary width, font settings, border settings and even background settings!

Show summary anywhere inside the form

The plugin adds a new field type to Gravity forms called “Live Summary”. You can add this anywhere inside the form and it will show a customizable summary table there.

Easily change
default labels

Do you want to change the default title to match your form type? Or perhaps you would like to translate the Total label to your own language?

Fully customizable with build-in hooks

This plugin currently has a dozen wordpress hooks build-in that allow for many more customizations. Free snippets for this are included in the unlimited license!

Take Full Control
Over Branding

Customize the looks of the summary completely with the build-in styler delivered straight into the Gravity Forms Interface.

The styler offers a wide variety of options including:

Choose from any Google font and choose color

Background settings (color or image)

Apply padding


All settings can be applied to the form, the sidebar or to the whole element (form+sidebar together)


Live Summary

Since v1.0.3 the Pro plugin adds a new field to gravity forms. This field can be added anywhere in the form to show a preview of the submission in table form. It works in the same way as the sidebar and they can also be used together in the same form.

The new Gravity forms field comes packed with some settings of its own including:

Hide the title section

Change the default title

Hide the total section

Change the total label

Support for conditional logic

Choose width of the preview table

Example of the new live summary field


Build your own summary / preview

The Pro version now also adds support for merge tags inside HTML fields. This allows you to build any type of preview by using some HTML code in combination with all gravity forms merge tags.

TIP: Purchase the Unlimited license if you need assistance with building the HTML code.

All The Supported Fields

The live summary for gravity forms addon already supports up to 19 different field types and I am still working on adding support for more fields.
Do you need support for a field that is not yet listed? Please do reach out to me. I am always keen to improve this plugin more.

Standard Fields

  • Single Line Text
  • Paragraph Text
  • Drop Down
  • Number
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio buttons

Advanced Fields

  • Name
  • Date
  • Time
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Website
  • Email
  • Multi Select

Pricing Fields

  • Total
  • Any product type
  • shipping

Awesome Support Included

Early Bird Pricing



  • Turn on for each form
  • Show total
  • Choose which fields to show
  • Automatic updates
  • Awesome support



+ VAT (FOR EU and UK Customers)
  • Turn on for each form
  • Show total
  • Choose which fields to show
  • Custom Title
  • Custom Total Label
  • Build-in brand styler
  • Fixed on scroll
  • New “Live Summary” Field type
  • Use merge tags in HTML fields
  • Install on 3 websites
  • Automatic updates
  • Awesome support




  • Turn on for each form
  • Show total
  • Choose which fields to show
  • Custom title
  • Custom total label
  • Build-in brand styler
  • Fixed on scroll
  • New “Live Summary” Field type
  • Use merge tags in HTML fields
  • Free code snippets
  • Install on unlimited websites
  • Automatic updates
  • Awesome support

14-Day Money-Back

Try out the live summary for gravity forms plugin Risk-Free.
Not satisfied with your purchase after 14days? I will refund your money, no worries!

Pre-sales questions go here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Awesome Support Included!

Any license includes e-mail support for one year.
If you are an unlimited holder then I also provide
free code snippets to customize anything you want.
This could also be customizations to your form.

Happy Users Only!

Thanks for this awesome plugin. Really helpful for users especially on multi page forms. It works really well and it is great for product/pricing forms

Herman Jensen user

Someone at Gravity Forms recommended this very new plugin and wow, my issues is solved! Thanks much!

An excellent plugin to make a Gravity Forms order form better. Easy to set up and use.
Very responsive developer!

Nathan Ingram user

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