Introducing Coinbase Commerce for Gravity Forms Version 1.2

Unleasing Exciting New Features

I am thrilled to announce the release of Coinbase Commerce for gravity forms Version 1.2, which brings long awaited new features and enhancements to improve your cryptocurrency payment experience.

One of the most significant updates in this release is the comprehensive support for all endpoints of the Coinbase Commerce API. Previously, the plugin only supported checkouts, but now you can seamlessly create invoices, charges, and checkouts.

This expanded functionality opens up a world of possibilities for merchants, providing greater flexibility and control over their payment processes.

coinbase commerce feed settings
new feed settings

Redirect Pages

With the newly added support for charges, users will be particularly delighted. This feature enables you to configure specific pages on your website as success and cancel URLs. When a payment is completed or canceled, the user will be seamlessly redirected to these designated pages. This enhanced functionality simplifies the user experience and ensures a seamless flow from payment initiation to completion or cancellation.

As an exciting extra, I have introduced the integration of Gravity Forms merge tags on the redirect pages. This means you can now harness the power of Gravity Forms’ dynamic content capabilities on these redirect pages. The ability to utilize merge tags on normal wordpress pages or posts provides endless opportunities for customization and personalization, ensuring a tailored experience for your users!

To learn more about this feature, I recommend referring to the comprehensive documentation, which provides detailed instructions on implementing this new feature into your order flow. 

Coinbase Order ID

Coinbase Commerce assigns a unique order ID to each invoice, charge, or checkout. In this latest version of the plugin, I have implemented a feature that captures and stores this order ID along with the Gravity Forms entry data and also displays it along with the entry data. This functionality facilitates efficient order management and streamlines your backend processes, ensuring accurate and seamless tracking of customer transactions.

To further enhance the flexibility and customization options, I have introduced a new merge tag, {cc_order_id}, which represents this coinbase order ID. This merge tag can be utilized everywhere merge tags are supported, including confirmations and notifications. 

order id details
New entry screen meta box
Coinbase Order ID Mergetag


I am confident that the latest version of the Coinbase Commerce for gravity forms add-on, Version 1.2, will revolutionize your crypto payment workflows and enhance the overall user experience. 

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting features in the future. Should you have any questions or require assistance, our support team is always ready to assist you.

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