WordPress, Woocommerce and Gravity Forms developer

15 years of experience

Released now!

Live Summary for Gravity Forms

Have you been looking for a way to show an order summary next to your form? I was too!

After many years of hacking gravity forms to display a summary next to my (order) forms I decided to develop an add-on that does this with only a few clicks! 

Key Capabilities.

Custom Front-end form solutions for your WordPress website.

Full Website Build with WordPress CMS

Plugin development for WordPress, Woocommerce and gravity forms

Monthly Website Maintenance

About Me.

Curious About Who I am?

Hi I am Johan, a full time freelance developer. I got fascinated by coding around the age of 14 and I have been improving my skills ever since. PHP was the first language that I learned and this lead me to wordpress development eventually.

WordPress has been my CMS of choice for many years now. I started to work with it since one of its first versions so I know quite a bit of it and I have made a variety of websites, plugins and backend systems for it.


Forward Thinking Clients.

Contact Me.

I want to deliver the best possible end product. To do this, communication is the key! Tell me in detail how I can help you and I will move mountains for you!

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