Gravity Forms Live Summary V2.0 Released

It brings me immense pleasure to announce that after much anticipation and hard work, Gravity Live Summary v2.0 is finally here and ready to be installed on your website (If you haven’t already)! 🥳

With v2.0, I’ve listened to what you’ve been asking for the past year and I have rebuild the plugin from the ground up. The Pro version now works as a stand alone plugin without the need of the free version but I am getting ahead of myself. Read more about upgrading here.

Be sure to reach out if you have any feedback or suggestions. I love to hear from you and I will personally respond to every email!

🚀Gear up, and let’s dive into the exhilarating world of Gravity Live Summary v2.0!

Select and Re-order fields

The checkbox to add a field to the summary is no more but the new drag and drop interface allows you to more easily configure your summary exactly the way you want it.

And what’s more is that you can now configure each summary differently. That’s right, you can now add unlimited Live Summary fields to your form and configure each one to display different fields. This shines in multi step forms where you can now show a summary at the end of each step summarizing only the fields of that step!

Read everything in the documentation

Display summary in Notifications and Confirmations

There is a new mergetag on the block and it’s called {live_summary}. Use this instead of the {all_fields} mergetag to easily display your side summary into your confirmations and notifications emails. Not only the side summary but also all the Live summary fields can be displayed with their own mergetag.

The mergetag currently supports 2 modifiers. ‘{live_summary:table}’ will output a table similar to the Gravity Forms core {all_fields} mergetag while the ‘:list’ modifier will turn the summary into an unordered HTML list. No code needed.

Improved support for Pricing fields

V2.0 was rebuild from the ground up and one of the main focuses was to improve how product fields, their options and their quantities are displayed. The summary will now automatically detect Options and Quantity fields that are linked to your Product fields and display them together in a modern and clear way.

A new setting was also added to group all product fields together in a CSS grid. When enabled, all product fields throughout the form will be automatically grouped at the bottom of the summary, just above the subtotal.

The build-in subtotal is another new exciting feature. It calculates the total before applying any shipping, discounts, taxes or coupons.

grouped products gravity forms live summary

More Goodies

Support GP Live Merge Tags in Labels and values
New setting to add Pre or Suffix to your values
Use Fontawesome Icons
Updated CSS styling
Improved support for Jetsloth Image Choices
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