EU VAT for
Gravity Forms

A complete solution to ensure your order forms built with Gravity Forms meet the European VAT regulations for selling products online.

Gravity Forms meets EU VAT law

This add-on is designed to simplify compliance with EU VAT laws for businesses that sell products to European customers using Gravity Forms. The EU VAT for Gravity Forms plugin provides all the necessary features to capture correct VAT

Calculate and charge VAT based on billing country

Collect and validate European VAT numbers

Reverse charge VAT for B2B sales in the EU zone

Preserve VAT for sales inside store base country

Start collecting EU Sales taxes
in 5 minutes or less.

Calculate and collect EU VAT

This add-on adds a new field to gravity forms. This field can be used to easily add European sales taxes to your form’s total.

Charge the correct VAT to every EU country

Apply VAT to all products or a selection

Set your store’s default VAT country

Hide VAT field when billing country is outside of EU.

Capture and validate EU VAT numbers

The EU VAT field can also be used to capture, validate and store VAT numbers. The field can also be linked to an address field. The plugin will validate the billing country against the VIES data.

Validate existence of VAT number in VIES database

Match entered billing country with VIES database and current IP location of the user.

Match company name with VIES database.

Removes and reverse-charges VAT on valid B2B sales outside of the store’s default country.

Stores all compiled VAT data

All the data returned from VIES will be stored with the entry. It will include all proof you need for an audit such as user ip, location, company name and vat number.

Display VAT data with new mergetag and display in Notifications and confirmations.

VAT amount shows in Gravity Forms Order Summary.

New Meta box on entry screen displays all VAT details.

Export data with native Gravity forms exporter.

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More translations are coming soon. The goal is to have a translation for every European language. Are you interested in this plugin but your language is not yet listed? Reach out and let us know so we can prioritize that language.

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