Summary Mergetag

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What is it?

Every summary in your form can be included in the notifications and confirmations pages with the new mergetag {live_summary} or respective field mergetags.

How to use it?

You can select the mergetags from the mergetag selector box just as any other gravity forms mergetag.

custom mergetag


The mergetags come with different modifiers to change the output of the summary. By default and without modifier, the output will be a table. You can change this to a list by adding :list behind the mergetag. For example {live_summary:list} will output a unordered list containing only the fields selected for the side summary of your form.

Changing colors

The table version of the summary uses alternating colors to indicate between label and value. These colors can easily be changed with a few lines of code. See below example

Changing labels

Changing default labels such as price, order label, etc can be done with code. See below example

// the below code translates the labels to dutch language
add_filter("gotrls_default_labels", function( $default_labels ) {
	$default_labels['price_column_head'] = "Prijs";
	$default_labels['order_section_title'] = "Mijn bestelling";
	$default_labels['subtotal_label'] = "Subtotaal";
	return $default_labels;
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