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What does it do?

This plugin adds a new field type to gravity forms. This field type can be used to configure entry previews throughout your form. The field works anywhere and supports conditional logic, selected fields, can be hidden and can be shown in the notifications and confirmations of Gravity Forms.

Follow the steps below to enable this functionality:

1. Find the new field under the advanced fields tab

2. Add it to the form anywhere you want.

3. General settings of the Live summary field

Tip: you can hide the field label on the appearance tab of the field. This is the same as with any other Gravity field.

The settings start with the configuration of your fields. There are several option. Lets go through them.

  • Use Side Summary Fields
    This is enabled by default and when enabled will simply show the same fields as you configured for your side summary. Even if you don’t enable the side summary to be shown in the form, you can still use its configurator to select fields globally for the form and then use that configuration for any summary field in your form by leaving this checkbox checked.
  • Group all selected products in a grid/table.
    This setting is helpful if you have many products throughout your form and would like to show them together in a clear table. Read more about this here:
  • Configure visible fields
    When the checkbox “Use side summary fields” is unchecked then a new button will appear. Click this button and a popup will open. In the popup you can configure the fields to show by selecting them using the drag and drop element. Read more about that here:

The next settings group allow you to further configure your summary:

  • Turn on Title
    This will enable the title above the summary.
  • Enter Title
    This textbox appears after enabling the title. Use this to change the wording to anything you’d like
  • Turn on Subtotal
    This will enable the subtotal. The subtotal is the calculation of all products, options and quantities in the summary but before adding any shipping, coupons, discounts or taxes.
  • Enter Subtotal label
    Use this textbox to change the label “subtotal” into anything you’d like
  • Turn on Total
    This will enable the total of the summary. It calculates everything with a currency value inside the summary together. That includes all products, shipping, coupons, discounts and taxes.
  • Enter Total Label
    Use this textbox to overwrite the default total label

4. Finetune the summary on the appearance and advanced tabs

Currently it is possible to choose the width of the summary. There are 3 choices that will each produce a different width based on the surrounding container.

  • Small = 25%
  • Medium = 50%
  • Large = 100%

You can also hide the field label on the appearance tab.

On the advanced tab you can now also use the visibility setting. This is helpful if you want to add a summary only to use the mergetag in a notification but without displaying it in the form itself.

5. Check the front-end view of your form

Below you find the default output. It is possible to change this entirely with CSS. If you have a Pro license then contact me for assistance. More options to change the appearance of the summary will be added in the coming months.

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