Selecting and ordering fields

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Each summary can be configured to display different fields since v2.0. Follow the steps below to use this feature.

Option 1: Side Summary

First, you will have to navigate to the add-on’s form settings.

live summary form settings

On the general tab you will find a drag and drop element. This element has two columns as seen in the below screenshot. Available fields from your form are shown in the left column. The fields in the right column will be visible in your summary.

To move fields from the left to the right column you can either click on the field, clicking will move the field to the bottom of the right column. You can also drag the field from the left to the right column and adjust the order of fields to your liking.

You can search for fields by using the search boxes in either column. You can search for the field Id and the field Label.

On the right hand side you can find 2 buttons.
Select All button: Select all the fields of the form in the order as they appear in the form
De-select All button: Deselect all fields. This also resets them to the original order in the form.

drag and drop fields

Option 2: Live Summary Field

You can configure different fields to show for each summary in the form. For this you can navigate to the general settings of your Live Summary field. First you will have to uncheck the “Use side summary fields” checkbox to unlock a button.

Click the “Configure Visible Fields” button and a popup screen will open in the middle of the page as seen in the below screenshot. Refer to explanation above for how to use the drag and drop element.

editor drag and drop fields
Coupon, tax, eu vat and discount fields
Please note that these fields will always be automatically grouped at the end of the summary. The order you give to these fields will be ignored. You do have to move the fields to the right side if they have to appear in the summary. This will be improved in an upcoming release.

Option and Quantity fields

Option and Quantity fields are handled differently from other fields since V2.0. There is no longer any need to select these fields for the summary. As these fields are always linked to a product field, they will be added to the summary automatically when selecting your related product.

Hiding options visibly on the frontend

It is possible to hide one or more options belonging to a product by utilizing build-in CSS classes. There are two ways, you can either hide option by option or hide all options belonging to a product.

  • Hide Option by option
    Go into the form editor and find your option field that you want to hide. Navigate to its settings and find the Live Summary tab. Enter the CSS class ” gfls-hide-option ” into the Custom CSS settings box.
  • Hide all options
    Go into the form editor but this time find the product field for which you want to hide the options. Navigate to its settings and find the Live Summary tab. Enter the CSS class ” gfls-hide-options ” into the Custom CSS settings box.
hide option visibly
Example to hide one option
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