Live summary for gravity forms

This plugin adds an order summary next to any gravity form. As users complete the form, their selections or entries are displayed inside a summary – automatically and in real-time.

gotrgf_show_zero_total [JS]

Description This hook can be used to display the total even though it is 0. Parameters show_total | Bool form_id | Int type | string – either side or field id Return Boolean. Return true to show the total Usage Copy the below code to a HTML field inside your form Since version 1.1.9

Grouped products table

What does it do? This setting can be enabled for any summary you like. When enabled it will take all the products that you selected to be in your preview and it will group them into a clear table/grid at the bottom of your summary just above the total section. This table has columns such …

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Side Summary Configuration

General Title Summary Lines (=the fields) Totals Form Container Reset On this tab is only a reset button. When used it will reset all live summary settings to their defaults. This will also reset the selected fields for the side summary to nothing. This reset button does not apply to any Live summary fields you …

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Fontawesome Icons

Now you can use fontawesome icons easily inside the gravity live summary. You can define this for each field by using CSS classes. Follow the below steps. 1. Add the lsfa-free class Adding one icon to your field comes down to adding 2 CSS classes to your field. The first one should always be lsfa-free …

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Selecting and ordering fields

Each summary can be configured to display different fields since v2.0. Follow the steps below to use this feature. Option 1: Side Summary First, you will have to navigate to the add-on’s form settings. On the general tab you will find a drag and drop element. This element has two columns as seen in the …

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Migration to v2.0

If you upgrade to the v2.0+ of the Pro version then any existing forms will need to be migrated to the new live summary settings. This process happens automatically or can be done manually for each form. Why this migration? It is because since Pro v2.0 the fields can be selected and re-ordered with a …

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GP Populate Anything

Populate Anything from Gravity Wiz is fully supported by this plugin and that includes the Live Merge tags in both Value and Labels of your fields!

Summary Mergetag

What is it? Every summary in your form can be included in the notifications and confirmations pages with the new mergetag {live_summary} or respective field mergetags. How to use it? You can select the mergetags from the mergetag selector box just as any other gravity forms mergetag. Modifiers The mergetags come with different modifiers to …

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Description This filter can be used to change default labels in the grouped table and merge tags. Parameters $default_labels | Array Return Array Usage Since version 2.0.0

gotrls_display_option_price [JS]

Description This filter can be used to display prices for option fields that are set to select type. By default the prices are removed but by using this snippet you can display them in the summary next to the label. Parameters includeOptionPrice | Bool FormId | Int FieldId | Int Return Bool Usage Since version …

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gotrls_summary_line_inner_markup [JS]

Description This filter can be used to change the HTML markup of a field line in the summary. Parameters innerHtml | String This has an HTML string of the field inner HTML FormId | Int FieldId | Int Return String Usage Since version 2.0.4


Description Use this filter to disable the side summary on Gravity View edit screen page. Parameters $display_on_edit_screen | Bool defaults to true $form | Array $form_id | Int Return Bool true to show and false to hide it Usage Since version 2.0.4

Hiding Price Columns

What is it? When displaying product fields in the summary, it will display those with a quantity and a price. In certain cases you may want to hide the quantity or price. This can be easily accomplished by adding a little bit of CSS Hiding Price Hiding quantity and multiplier Hiding quantity, multiplier and price

gotrls_address_field_format [JS]

Description This filter can be used to change the address format in the live summary Parameters class_names | array holds an array with every subfield. Each subfield has the class, sub id and a bool to indicate a line break or not FormId | Int FieldId | Int Return Array Usage Since version 2.0.7


Description Use this filter hide or show column in the grouped product table Parameters $grouped_columns | Array of possible columns. Options are: label , qty , unit_price , line_total $form | Array $field_id | string holds the field id of the summary field OR ‘side’ for the side summary Return Array $grouped_columns Usage Since version …

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