Merge tags support for HTML fields

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1. Build your own summary with merge tags

Since v1.0.3 the plugin adds merge tags support for HTML fields.

Don’t know what merge tags are? Read more about them in the official gravity forms documentation:

TIP: Use it in a Multi-step form. Add the HTML field on the last step of the form and start building your summary there. It will be able to show everything that was entered in the form on the previous pages.
TIP: The {all_fields} merge tag is also supported. Simply add it to a HTML field and save the form.

Extra: Allow HTML to render inside merge tag

By default the merge tags will not allow for any HTML code to render. This is for security reasons. However, if you are aware of the risks then you can easily turn this on by adding one line of PHP code to your functions.php or snippet plugin.

add_filter("gotrgf_allow_html_in_merge_tags", "__return_true");

Known limitations

  • The merge tags only update after a page change. Therefore it is perfect to use on the last page of a multi page form. I am working on an improved version that will update them live on the same page while the user is entering.
  • This feature is not compatible with the live merge tags of the Gravity Wizz Populate Anything add-on. If you want to use live merge tags from GW then you will have to turn off the merge tags support of this plugin. See the following hook in the documentation to do this: gotrgf_disable_mergetags_html_fields
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