GP Ecommerce Fields (subtotal, tax, discount)

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1. Add Ecommerce field(s) to your form

You’ll have to add at least one of the GP ecommerce fields to your form to unlock the Summary Ecommerce settings. Settings are also dependent on which field you add. For example if you only add a subtotal to the form than only the subtotal settings will become visible.

2. Switch on “show in summary”

Turn on the summary for the fields that you want to see in the summary. This is just the same as other fields.

Some points of attention:

  • Only one subtotal can be displayed in the summary. This will always be the first one found in the form. A second subtotal will be ignored
  • Multiple Tax fields will be counted together in the summary (itemized view also available)
  • Multiple Discount fields will be counted together in the summary (itemized view also available)

3. Save form

Save the form and the ecommerce fields will show up in the summary.

4. Extra: Change default labels (subtotal, tax, discount)

Head over to the form settings and find the Gravity Perks Ecommerce Fields settings box which is located at the bottom of the screen. Here you can change the default labels of the subtotal, tax and discount fields. Settings will appear based on the fields you have in your form. Meaning if you don’t have a tax field than the tax setting won’t show up.

5. Extra: Turn on itemized view

When using multiple tax or discount fields it can be beneficial for the user to clearly show how the tax was calculated or how the discounts were calculated. See an example below with 2 tax fields in the form.

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