Display images with Jetsloth Image choices

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1. Configure your images with Jetsloth Image Choices

Set images for your choices (Radio, checkboxes) using the Jetsloth Image Choices plugin. Read more about this part in the Jetsloth documentation which can be found here: https://jetsloth.com/support/gravity-forms-image-choices/getting-started/

2. Allow the field to show in the summary

Tick the “Show in summary” setting. For more information please read this guide: https://geekontheroad.com/documentation/live-summary-for-gravity-forms/select-fields-to-show

3. Turn on images in summary

When ‘Image choices’ and ‘show in summary’ are both turned on then you will find an extra setting in the ‘live summary’ tab of the field settings.

4. Optional: Hide image label

It is possible to hide the label that shows next to the image in the summary. For this you have to add a CSS class ” gotrgf_hide_image_label ” to the live summary settings of your field. Example:

5. Save your form

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