Add custom CSS classes

This is a Pro setting.
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This is a setting for advanced users only and allows you to add your own CSS classes to the Field lines in the summary so you can target different lines with the same CSS.

1. Go to the field settings and open the live summary tab

Add your custom CSS class in the correct box. You can add multiple classes by separating them with a space. Example: “classname classname2”

2. Use case

Since v2.0 the plugin supports fontawesome icons. You can load any of the free fontawesome icons by adding 2 css classes to your field. First you will need to add the class “lsfa-free” which unlocks fontawesome on that field. Now you can go to and choose your icon class. Adding: ” lsfa-free fa-user ” will output a user icon next to the label in the field. Read more here

3. Save the form

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