Live summary for gravity forms

This plugin adds an order summary next to any gravity form. As users complete the form, their selections or entries are displayed inside a summary – automatically and in real-time.

Installation: free plugin

1. Add New plugin Log in to your Wordpress Backend and click on “Plugins” in the left hand menu. Next, click “Add New”. 2. Find plugin in WP directory Use the search box on the right hand side of the page and search for “live summary for gravity forms” Press the “install now” button as

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installation: Pro version

1. Download the zip file You will be presented with a download link after purchasing the plugin on this website. Click on that link and save the file to your computer. 2. Install on your wordpress website Go back to the plugin screen and click once again on the “add new” button. Next: Click on

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License Activation

1. Navigate to form settings 2. Enter your license key Open the setting panel called “Live Summary Pro” and enter your license key. After that press the Activate License button 3. Your license is activated! Your license is activated if you see something similar as the below screenshot

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Live summary field

What does it do? This plugin adds a new field type to gravity forms. This field type can be used to configure entry previews throughout your form. The field works anywhere and supports conditional logic, selected fields, can be hidden and can be shown in the notifications and confirmations of Gravity Forms. Follow the steps

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Merge tags support for HTML fields

1. Build your own summary with merge tags Since v1.0.3 the plugin adds merge tags support for HTML fields. Don’t know what merge tags are? Read more about them in the official gravity forms documentation: Extra: Allow HTML to render inside merge tag By default the merge tags will not allow for any HTML

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Display images with Jetsloth Image choices

1. Configure your images with Jetsloth Image Choices Set images for your choices (Radio, checkboxes, products) using the Jetsloth Image Choices plugin. Read more about this part in the Jetsloth documentation which can be found here: 2. Turn on images on the live summary tab When ‘Image choices’ is turned on then you will

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Add custom CSS classes

1. Go to the field settings and open the live summary tab Add your custom CSS class in the correct box. You can add multiple classes by separating them with a space. Example: “classname classname2” 2. Use case Since v2.0 the plugin supports fontawesome icons. You can load any of the free fontawesome icons by

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