Configure EU VAT

1. Add EU VAT field to your form

You will find a new field in the pricing tab. Drag and drop this field into your form. One field per form is allowed.

2. Select products

By default the VAT will be applied to all products in the form. You can change this and make a selection of products instead.

3. Link address field

Linking an address field is necessary to calculate the VAT of the correct country. If you don’t add an address field and link it then the VAT will always be based on the default store country.

When the form loads, the default country of the address field will be automatically set to the store’s default country. The VAT calculation will also be based on the store’s default country. Changing the country of the address field will change the VAT calculation or hide it completely.

The VAT field automatically has conditional logic applied based on the linked address field. The VAT field will only show for European countries.

When an address field is selected, it also becomes possible to add country validation. This will check the country of the billing address field with the data in the VIES database

4. Capture VAT number

You can also collect VAT numbers and perform B2B sales. Turn this option on to display an input field for the VAT number.

5. Validate entered VAT number

It is possible to allow validation of the VAT number. When this option is turned on, a validate button will appear next to the VAT input field. When pressed the entered information will be checked against the EU VIES database. If the VAT number is valid and all other validation was also valid, the VAT will be reverse charged. Proof of this will be collected upon submission.

6. Validate Company Name

When this option is turned on, a new option will appear. You have to select a text field in the form that will be used as the company name. During VAT validation the entered company name will be checked against the information in the VIES database. Reverse charge will only be applied if the company names match.

7. Select company name field

This setting is visible when validate company name is turned on. Select a text field here that will be used for validation of the company name.

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