EU VAT for Gravity Forms

This add-on is designed to simplify compliance with EU VAT laws for businesses that sell products to European customers using Gravity Forms. The EU VAT for Gravity Forms plugin provides all the necessary features to capture correct VAT, collect VAT numbers, verify them, apply reverse VAT charges for B2B sales, and retain the necessary documentation.

Getting Started

Log in to your WordPress Backend and click on “Plugins” in the left hand menu. Next, click “Add New” and than click “Upload Plugin” Navigate to the plugin settings by clicking on settings on the plugin screen. Enter your license key and press the activate button. It is very important to set your default Tax …

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Configure EU VAT

You will find a new field in the pricing tab. Drag and drop this field into your form. One field per form is allowed. By default the VAT will be applied to all products in the form. You can change this and make a selection of products instead. Linking an address field is necessary to …

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You can use the normal mergetags for your EU VAT field to display the VAT number, Country code and VAT amount. The EU VAT field is a complex fieldtype that consists of 3 hidden fields. You can access those by modifiers X.1, X.2, X.3 where X is your field ID. This plugin adds a new …

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