Create a payment feed

1. Navigate to the form settings

Navigate to your form and click on Coinbase Commerce and then click on “create one”

2. Fill in the checkout name

This is the title that will appear on the checkout page of Coinbase Commerce

3. Complete the Checkout Description

This is the description that will appear on the Checkout page of Coinbase Commerce

4. Logo URL

This is the logo that will appear on the checkout page. However, Coinbase Commerce is very picky about which images to accept. They currently only accept images hosted on Cloudinary or Coinbase servers. If you have an image on one of those then you can simply copy the full URL in the box.

5. Transaction Type

You have to select Products and Services here. Currently that is the only type supported by this plugin.

6. Payment Amount

Select what amount should be charged to the customer. This can be the form total or any product found in the current form.

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